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Dr Qadeer Shabir, Dr Syeda Qandeel Zahra, Dr Muhammad Mubashir Jamil, Dr Gulnaz Tabassum, Dr Kifayat Ullah Karim, Dr Sajid Mehmood, Dr Shaheer Shah, Dr Abdul Basit Khan


Objective: The main purpose of study is to evaluate the cause / etiology of scabies. It was expected that this study would be helpful in identifying the cause of scabies, management and prevention of scabies in international students. Research was descriptive in nature. In research, we used tabulation method for interpretation and objectively exalted every possibility to find out accuracy in getting result to maximum extent. Methods: We used survey method for collection of data from selected population by questioner method. We selected students of MBBS from Yangtze University for our selected research purpose by using systemic sampling method in selection of our samples, including male and female. We selected 32 students from our sampled population and divided into two groups. i.e. 16 students for each group. And collected data of members of diseased and normal group. Results: As international students have to live in hostels, dormitories and apartments together. So, due to overcrowding and poor hygienic conditions international students suffer from scabies. In our diseased group 15 out 16 students diagnosed scabies so, prevalence is 93.75%. After practicing general and specific management, our patients started to recover from scabies within a week (5-7 days). CONCLUSION: We concluded that cause behind itching and rashes are Sarcoptes scabiei which causes scabies. Sarcoptes scabiei is responsible causing Type I and Type IV hypersensitivity which is responsible for itching. Scabies mite live in keratin layer of epidermis and feed there, causing itching and rashes because of initiating HSR. We can investigate and visualize the scabies mites in burrows by Ink test and by microscopy examination. After application of Sulphur ointment and concomitant use of disinfectant to surrounding of the patient (with clothes, rooms, fomites, furniture) the duration of recovery is within 6 days (n=15, p=0.19). Keywords: Sulphur Ointment, Rashes, Itching, Scabies, Hypersensitivity, Streptococcus Pyogens, Bacterial Infection


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