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Arun T S*, Subash Chandran M.P, Prasobh G.R, Aparna P1, Remya S. B


Cubosomes are nanoparticles in structure which is mainly made of certain amphiphilic lipids in definite proportion, known as bicontinuous cubic phase liquid crystals. Hydrating a surfactant or polar lipid that forms cubic phase and then dispersing a solid like phase into smaller particles usually forms a cubosomes. They perform solid like rheology with unique properties of practical interest. They are thermodynamically stable and they have carvenous (honeycomb) structures which are tightly packed twisted into three dimensional bilayers. This type of complex structure allows them to have greater drug loading ability. Cubosomes have ability to encapsulate the hydrophobic, hydrophilic, amphiphilic substances. Cubosomes can increase the solubility of poorly soluble drug. Cubosome dispersions are bioadhesive and biocompatible. Because of their properties, cubosome are versatile systems, administrable by different ways such as orally, percutaneously and parenterally. Cubosome structure by means of electron microscopy, light scattering, x-ray and NMR, nevertheless few researchers has been studying the potential of cubosome as delivery systems.Cubosomes are square and rounded particles with internal cubic lattices visible. The invention of cubosomes is a distinctive story and spans the fields of food science, differential geometry, biological membranes and digestive processes. Self-assembled cubosomes act as active drug delivery systems; highly accepted, has got importance after innovation and nomination. Cubosomes are thermodynamically stable; they enclose a structure similar to “Honeycomb” through bicontinuous domains of water and lipid. Inside the surfactant, it is assembled into bilayers and wrapped into a three dimension, periodic and minimal surface, forming a strongly packed structure. Bicontinuous cubic liquid crystalline phase with optically lucid, extremely viscous material and have exclusive structure at the nanometer range. Keywords: Cubosomes, Honeycombs, Drug-loading, Nanoparticles, Bicontinuous


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