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Remya S B*, Subash Chandran M.P, Prasobh G.R, Arun T.S, Aparna.P, Sonia Ninan


Purest and most unadulterated form of green tea has always influenced human health. Scientific evidences throughout the world are making people aware of health benefits associated with this herbal drink. Though green tea is not officially recognized as a medical agent, it is one of the most researched plant-based remedies whose possible benefits include promotion of cardio-vascular health, cancer prevention, skin protection, and antioxidant activity, to fight high cholesterol levels, infection, impaired immune function, diarrhoea, fatigue and many more. Laboratory findings have revealed that notable health benefit of green tea is its powerful antioxidants potential which at the molecular level, helps prevent cellular damage from certain oxidation reactions in the body. From ancient times tea is drunk worldwide as a beverage in the form of a decoction. It was used to detoxify the body. One of them is its antimicrobial property in curing various infections. Considering this, the present review has been focused on the antimicrobial aspect of green tea. This includes the history of green tea, its pharmacognostical study, chemical constituents, role and mechanism of its main chemical constituent catechin in curing antimicrobial infections and other ailments. Scope of green tea for further research and in designing and formulating drugs of it has been pondered over tea is now finding its way into topical preparations like patches. The uses of green tea are clinically proved. The antioxidant properties of green are responsible to improvement in cardiac health, atherosclerosis and it has powerful effects on the body. Catechins may reduce cholesterol levels in blood and also improve brain function. Key words: Magical herb, green tea, catechins, anti oxidants.


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