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Dr Tayyaba Amjad, Dr Attiqa Imtiaz, Dr Amna Imdad Khan


Objectives: The aim of this research work was to assess the danger of atherosclerosis in the patients suffering from hypertension in the Allied Hospital Faisalabad, with the utilization of the ratio of cholesterol or HDL. Methodology: We performed the gender-adjusted evaluation of the level of total cholesterol, lipoprotein’s increased density & ratio of cholesterol/HDL on eighty-two patients of hypertension in which 45 were males and 37 were females and fifty-five were normotensive healthy control in which twenty-nine were males and twenty-six were females. The age of the participants was from 30 to 70 years. Methods of routinely employed enzymatic & phosphor-tungstate phosphor-molybdate were in use for the analysis of the total cholesterol & lipoprotein’s high density correspondingly. Results: The average total cholesterol as 4.90 ± 1.08 mmol/L & average total cholesterol/HDL ratio as 5.160 ± 1.89 were very high in the males with hypertension in comparison with the healthy controls {4.4 ± 0.99 mmol/L & 3.77 ± 1.25 correspondingly), whereas average concentration of HDL was much lower as 1.030 ± 0.33 in males with hypertension in comparison with their healthy controls {1.260 ± 0.39 mmol/L}. Among females, the level of total cholesterol as 4.980 ± 1.02 mmHg, HDL ratio as 1.120 ± 0.39 mmHg & total cholesterol/HDL as 4.940 ± 1.82 were present with no much difference from 4.860 ± 1.05 mmHg, 1.290 ± 0.44 mmHg & 4.090 ± 1.32 correspondingly gathered from healthy controls. We do not observe any gender-adjusted disparity between case and control group. Conclusion: The findings of this research work highlight the significance of routine evaluation of the levels of lipids in the patients suffering from hypertension particularly in male patients to discover the high risk of atherosclerosis & sequel of this complication. KEY WORDS: Hypertension, Atherosclerosis, Complication, Cholesterol, Disparity, Correspondingly, Normotensive, Enzymatic & Phosphor.


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