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Dr Shahzeen Eisha, Dr Rabail Naseer, Dr Hafiz Muhammad Bilal


Objective: The aim of this research work is to find out the rate of occurrence of complication of gallstone in the patients suffering from chronic liver diseases in Sheikh Zayed Medical College and Hospital Rahim Yar Khan. Study Design: This was a transverse research work. Study Setting: This study was carried out on those patients who got admission in the Medical ward of Sheikh Zayed Medical College and Hospital Rahim Yar Khan. Study Subjects: Total 100 patients suffering from cirrhosis from any age or gender who appeared with the signs of chronic diseases of liver were the part of this research work. The main outcome measure was the presence of the gallstones. Results: Among total one hundred patients, fifty patients were male & fifty patients were from female gender in the range of age from thirty to seventy years with an average age of 45 ± 11 years. Among total patients 31.0% patients were available with gallstones. Among these, 17 out of 50 (34.0%) patients were females & 14 out of 50 (28.0%) patients were from male gender. There was also availability of the related oedema of wall of gallbladder. There were 30 patients among 100 who were reactive for HbsAg, 70 patients out of one hundred were anti-hepatitis C reactive & ten patients were available as positive for both HbsAg as well as anti-HCV. We found the 70.0% patients in the child criteria B of the Pugh’s modification & 30.0% patients were in the standard C and we found no patient in the Class-A. Conclusion: The occurrence of the gallstones is very common in the patients suffering from the chronic diseases of liver. There is not any impact on the rate of survival due to them and majority of the patients came to know about the complication during interrogation accidently. The very effectual non-invasive method for this investigation is ultrasonography. Keywords: Chronic, Ultrasonography, Interrogation, Hepatitis, Positive, Gallstone, Effectual, Impact, Gallbladder, Occurrence.


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