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Dr Muhammad Hamza Naseer, Dr Junaid Hussain, Dr Hafiz Muhammad Hammad Yaqub


Objective: The current research work displayed that mental complications are very frequent in the womens in the period of pregnancy. This research work conducted to examine the occurrence of depression & anxiety in the period of pregnancy who appeared for antenatal checkups. The research work also aimed to determine the risk factors linked with the depression & anxiety during pregnancy period. Study Design: This was an elaborate research work of two hundred pregnant females. Study venue & duration: This research work carried out in the OPD of gynecological ward of Allied Hospital Faisalabad. The duration of this research work was from June 2018 to November 2018. Methodology & Patients: The samples of the research work were two hundred pregnant females who visited for the antenatal checkup. The pregnant females who were willing to give interview were the part of this research work. We noted down the complete detail of demography of pregnant females. The instrument used for the interview was PSE & ICD-10 was in use for the diagnosis. Results: In accordance with the diagnosis standard of the ICD-10, 34.50% pregnant women were the victims of anxiety & depression was the main cause of suffering behind 25.0% pregnant females. Very young age, parent’s loss in very early days & previous history of the mental complications were the most probable risk factors for the development of the depression & anxiety in the period of pregnancy. Conclusion: The occurrence of depression & anxiety was very much same to many other research works conducted in the West countries. The screening of the females with pregnancy with probable risk factors should be carry out for depression & anxiety. Locally manufactured & authentic instruments require modification for their utilization in our country Pakistan. KEY WORDS: Anxiety, Depression, Screening, Diagnosis, Pregnancy.


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