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Dr Jamshaid Ur Rehman, Dr Mohib Ullah, Dr Ayman Laraib


Objectives: Celiac disease (CD) is a disease of auto-immunity showing impatience to gluten. Some research works display that CD was twenty times more common in the patients of Type-1 diabetes in comparison with the healthy persons. The aim of this research work is to assess the occurrence of the CD among the adults suffering from Type-1 diabetes. Methodology: This research work was carried out in Allied / DHQ Hospital Faisalabad from March 2018 to April 2019. This research work contained four hundred and eighty-two patients of Type-1 diabetes visiting the OPD of diabetes clinic. SPSS V. 10.5 was in use for the statistical analysis of the collected information. Student’s T test was in use for the comparative analysis of various variables. We considered the P value of lower than 0.05 as significant. Results: There were four hundred and eighty-two patients of Type-1 diabetes were the part of this research work. Total 57 patients among them did not go under evaluation for the positivity of the endomysium antibody. Total 15 patients were available as positive for the anti-endomysia antibody (3.50%). The occurrence of the CD as proved by biopsy was 2.30% (10 out of 425 patients). We found no important disparity between positivity of endomysia antibody & negative groups with respect to age, gender and total duration of the complication. Conclusion: This research work confirms the fact that CD is very much frequent in the patients of Type-1 diabetes. Since a very small amount of the patients of CD are symptomatic, there should be a screening of this complication in the patients of Tpe-1 diabetes with anti-endomysium antibody. KEYWORDS: Type-1 Diabetes, CD, Occurrence, Prevalence, Antibody, Symptomatic, Biopsy.


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