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Misbah Shakoor, Sidra Arif, Noor Arshad


Objective: Objective of this study was to find out the diagnostic accuracy Doppler ultrasound in diagnosis of testicular torsion in patients presenting with scrotal pain taking surgical findings as Gold Standard. Study Design: Cross-sectional study Place and Duration of Study: Department of Radiology, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad from October 2017 to March 2018. Material and methods; we took 111 male patients of 15-45 years of age with acute scrotal pain (12-48 hours) and with clinical suspicion of testicular torsion. Data was collected using non-probability - purposive sampling from department of Radiology, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad in 6 months. Doppler ultrasonography was carried out in all the patients by a single radiologist under supervision of my supervisor by using TOSHIBA Just Vision USG machine equipped with curvilinear probe and Doppler USG facilities and the findings was recorded. Then patients were sent for surgery and intraoperative findings were noted. All surgeries were done by a single surgical team. Results: In this study the mean age of patients was 29 ± 6.52 years. The mean duration of scrotal pain 18.12 ±5.03 and average scrotal pain was 7.17 ± 1.50. Forty-three (38.7%) patients had moderate pain and 68 (61.3%) presented with severe pain. On Doppler ultra-sonography testicular swelling was seen in 106(95.5%) patients, decreased Echogenicity was not fond in any patient while decreased blooded follow was observed in 100 (90.1%) of the patients. The sensitivity and specificity of Doppler ultrasonography was 98.06% and 87.5% respectively taking surgical findings as gold standard. Positive and negative predictive value of Doppler Ultrasonography were 99.02% and 77.78% respectively while overall diagnostic accuracy of Doppler ultrasonography was 97.3% taking surgical findings as gold standard Conclusion: According to this study, Doppler ultrasonography can be used to detect testicular torsion in patients presenting with acute scrotal pain with reliable sensitivity (98.06%), specificity (87.5%) and good diagnostic accuracy (97.3%). Keywords: Scrotal pain, Echogenicity, Testicular swelling, Doppler ultra-Sonography


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