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Faizan Muhammad, Saniya Mustafa, Muhammad Muzammal


Background: Mental illness is related with the condition that not only affects the mental condition of person but show its affects on feelings and thoughts of general public. These situation impact deeply on the daily life of people and makes them unable to deal with even normal situation. There are various forms of mental illness such as anxiety disorder, depression and schizophrenia. The chances of disease are higher in developed countries as compared to developing countries people of developed countries have to deal with more problems and complex situations. Objective: The study was conducted to find cause and prevalence of various types of mental illness with respect to gender, society, age, profession and qualification. Methodology: A cross observation study was conducted for the people which were dealing with mental health concern. The data was collected of almost 100 patients including men and women of different age groups. Moreover, it was also accessed in the study that how awareness about mental illness leads to better health of person. Results: The results showed that 46 out of 100 patients were professional while most of the patients were non-professional which determined that when people remained free and does not do any work than there are more chances of development of mental diseases. Furthermore, most of the people as 47 out of 100 were graduated, thus it is clear from study that young people are highly affected with mental related disorders. The most associated problem of mental illness is that people remain unaware of treatment methods such as results confirmed that 35 out of 100 patients were unaware of both counselling method and other medication treatment. Conclusion: The prevalence of mental diseases especially depression and anxiety disorders are increasing day by day. Due to innovation in all products of regular use, the ease for human is increased but also leads to development of various new disease especially mental health problems. The cause of mental diseases is different for different people but the most common is change in culture, family problems and status issues. Keyword: Mental illness post-traumatic stress disorder border line personality disorders obsessive compulsive disorder


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