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Muhammad Faheem*, Marryam Amjad, Waqas Nasim


Objective: Study was designed to evaluate the expression status of HER2/neu receptor in breast cancer patients. Types of study: Cross sectional study Location and duration of study: This study was conducted in a duration of 10 months from March 2019 to December 2019 in department of Surgery, DHQ Hospital Faisalabad. Background: Breast cancer is one of the most common in women worldwide and one of the most common cause of death in women. Occurrence of breast cancer varies in different parts of the world due to various factors. HER2 receptor is overexpressed in breast cancer patients. Material and Method: 150 patients were shortlisted for the study by applying various factors. Patients presented in the outdoor department of the surgery were aged between 22-60 years. Patients with ductal and lobular carcinoma were selected. Patients having the history of recurrence of disease and who rejected the histopathology were excluded from the study. Ethical committee approved the study and informed consent was taken from the patients or their attendees. Collected samples were sent to a reliable lab for HER2/Neu receptor status evaluation, tumor staging, progesterone, estrogen status and histopathological type. After that Hercep test was conducted and Minitab 16 version was used for statistical and data analysis. Result: Mean age of the total of 150 patients was 45.66 years. Ratio of positive and negative HER2/Neu receptors was observed to be 46 % and 54% respective in patients. Ratio of the patients with different grades of the cancer were found to be 24%, 39% and 37% for grade 1 tumor, grade 2 tumor and grade 3 tumor respectively. Out of the total patients 82% were found to have ductal carcinoma and 18% were diagnosed with lobular carcinoma. 78% of the patients were found to be positive against Estrogen receptor and 22% of the total patients tested negative against estrogen receptor. Progesterone receptors tested negative in 30% and positive in 70% of the total patients. Conclusion: Overexpression of HER2/Neu receptor was observed and most of the patients had positive estrogen and progesterone. Grade-2 patients were found to be in highest number. HER2/Neu receptor showed no association with age group and obesity. Keywords: Breast cancer, HER2/Neu, Obesity, Ductal Carcinoma, Overexpression.


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