Volume : 08, Issue : 04, April – 2021


Sd. Riyaz Hussain*, Dr. Pawan Kumar, Dr. Parwez Alam


Abstract :

The process Touitou et al (2000) was used with little change to prepare various ethosomal formulations with different levels of IPA (20% to 40%) and sonicity. It was simple and reproducible techniques. The prepared and discrete ethosomes have been developed. However, ethosomes are more uniform in size and small, necessary for skin penetration by the process of sonication. When the efficiency of the trap was compared, ethosomes containing 30 percent w/w IPA, which were generated by sonication, displayed the highest value with respect to all others, therefore, with 30 percent w/w IPA as the best formula for all other aspects, ethosomally provided by sonicity was completed. In all formulations, GF6 demonstrated full release of the drugs in 1440 min compared to other formulations. The in vitro release decreased with increased concentrations of polymer and copolymer. Centered on the research findings of the drug release process the drug discharge followed the non-fickian diffusion mechanism by formulations and followed the first order kinetics.
Key words: Ethosomes, Sonication, Transdermal, Entrapment, Stability.

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Please cite this article in press Sd. Riyaz Hussain et al., Formulation and Invitro Evaluation of Ethosomal Gels Containing Saxagliptin As the Model Drug.., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2021; 08(04).

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