Volume : 08, Issue : 04, April – 2021



Authors :

Ch. Anupama Swathi* , O. Krupa Santhi, V. Supriya, T. Sandhya, Md. Shakirunnissa, Dr. K. Padmalatha

Abstract :

In earlier days, Column chromatography is used for preparative purposes, qualitative and quantitative analysis in many laboratories but it is an extremely time-consuming process. This led to the development of novel preparative liquid chromatography called as flash chromatography in which the mobile phase runs down by positive air pressure. Flash chromatography is a purification technique obtained by the blend of medium, short column chromatography, which results in quick separation of mixture of components. This technique is used as preceding step to highly sophisticated methods like HPLC, NMR, FT-IR to obtain pure samples. It is a simple, fast, economical approach to preparative liquid chromatography. This review focuses on the different aspects of flash chromatographic technique.
Keywords: Flash chromatography, Preparative liquid chromatography, Highly sophisticated, Purification technique

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Please cite this article in press Ch. Anupama Swathi et al., An Overview On Flash Chromatography., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2021; 08(04).

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