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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Dr Amena Kainat Butt, Dr. Aeena Binte Khalid, Dr Hafiza Zaara Akram

Abstract :

We also built a trial plan for a meeting frame with 50″ dual plasma panes to address problems in presentation of images in non-film radiology meetings, for the presentation of larger pictures, as well as for a traditional organizer with alternate paths to easy view in a registered communications environment during meetings in each PC client workspace. Our current research was conducted at Mayo Hospital, Lahore from March 2019 to February 2020. While the image quality of the screen was not as high as the high-performance displays used in analytical radiology, it was appropriate enough for educational purposes. In general, the standard time for presentation on a shared envelope (3.7±0.38s) was smaller than without the envelope (17.8±6.05s; p=2.86 s) Although the screen dimension and the operation of the device had to be strengthened, the radiologists found that the frame was ideal for radiology training sessions. We agree that this system is good for setting up a filmless framework for training meetings for filmless radiology.

Keywords: Film, Conferences On Filmless Radiology.

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Please cite this article in press Amena Kainat Butt et al, Showing A Device Without Film For Conferences On Filmless Radiology., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2021; 08(1).

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