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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Bushra Ghaffar, Muhammad Rashid, Hafsa Shabbir, Daniyal Warraich, Zainab Mehdi, Fatima Farooq

Abstract :

Background: Research is fundamental in the acquisition of knowledge in biomedical sciences. Purpose of this study was to evaluate the aptitude of research in medical students and to find out the factors which act as an obstacle for carrying out research activity.
Methods: A simple cross-sectional study was done with the help of questionnaire. Descriptive statistics were employed to evaluate aptitude of research in medical students. Data was analyzed using SPSS version20.
Results: 231 students of Sahiwal Medical College were surveyed. The results were analyzed considering the students’ gender, age and year of study. Out of 231 students, 202 students [87.44%] were aware of medical research and 29 students [12.56%] were not aware of medical research. 116 students [50.22 %] participated in research activities while 115 students [49.78%] didn’t participate in any research activity. Difficulty in finding a guide was seen as the foremost hindrance amongst 62 students [46.5%]. 98 students [42.42%] consider research as an important part of curriculum. 202 students [87.44%] think that research methodologies should with taught as a part of curriculum. 171 students [74.03%] wanted to pursue research as a career in future. 83 students [35.93%] were interested to participate in research activity.
Conclusion: Although majority of students showed positive attitudes towards clinical research, however, they reported low participation in research activities. Several barriers like lack of time, lack of interest, non-availability of necessary facilities, proper mentoring and guidance should be addressed and research should be made a compulsory part of curriculum so as to promote research activity.

Keywords : Curriculum; Research; Undergraduate Students..

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