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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Muhammad Abdur Rehman*, Afrah Arshad, Sidra javaid

Abstract :

Aim: The aim of this study is to assess the knowledge as well as attitude towards the COVID-19 patients on pandemic between healthcare professional as well as pubic or non-medical staff.
Technique: A cross sectional study was conducted between three months January 2020 to March 2020 at different Hospitals. The data was collected by the implementing some sampling strategy and also by the questionnaire regarding knowledge, attitude as well as preventive practices in the healthcare professional, non medical workers and public. There are different statistical methods are used to determine the results such as t-test as well as ANOVA.
Results: There are almost 300 people participate in this study including healthcare workers, non-healthcare workers and pubic. The results show that most of the people have a good and efficient knowledge regarding COVID-19 and their attitude is quiet positive. There are almost two third of the participants well known of the mode of transmission, treatment as well as isolation period for the person if had doubt about this virus and also apply or use different preventive measures such as wear mask when go out and to wash the hands when come home and also stay at home. Thus it is determined that there is a negative correlation between the knowledge as well as attitude scores.
Conclusion: It is concluded that most of the heath workers, non-health workers and public is well known about the knowledge, attitude and done preventive practice about the COVID-19. In some participants the level of knowledge is not proper thus there is a need to provide more information by starting some campaign.

Keywords: COVID-19, knowledge, attitude, preventive practices.

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Please cite this article in press Muhammad Abdur Rehman et al, Evaluation Of Knowledge, Behavior & Attitude Of General Public Towards Prevention Measures Of Covid-19 Patients., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2021; 08[1].

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