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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Muhammad Abdur Rehman, Afrah Arshad, Sidra javaid,

Abstract :

Background: Musculoskeletal pain is associated with the pain of muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones that can leads to pain of musculoskeletal. The pain is increasing in people of both developing and developed countries and its cause is not much clear and varies from person to person. Its prevalence depends on social and cultural difference but according to an estimate the prevalence of musculoskeletal pain is 40% ranges from 14.5% to 48%. When people do not take it serious and disease remain untreated leads to chronic musculoskeletal pain that is difficult to treat. The it’s prevalence is higher in the age of 30s to 50s.
Objective: The study was conducted to find prevalence ofmusculoskeletal pain as well as its association with the nature of work. The severity of musculoskeletal pain and its relation with gender has also been studied in this article.
Methodology: A cross sectional study was conducted on the people who suffering with musculoskeletal pain due to any reason. The data was gathered of about 150 patients from which 86 were male and 64 were female with different age groups. Along with prevalence of pain, the severity of pain was also studied and observed in the article for getting understanding of effective treatment of musculoskeletal pain.
Results: The results determined that 78 out of 150 patients from which 1 was female and 7 were male were suffering with the moderate pain during the disease while 42 patients, only 2 male and 40 female explained about severe pain. The results showed that 125 out of 150 patients claimed that at the time of initial onset of the trouble was their age and their age play important role in worsening their pain. Furthermore, the study revealed that sometimes the situation become very problematic and they have to hospitalize for few days such as 86 patients agreed that they hospitalized during disease for management of pain.
Conclusion: Musculoskeletal pain is increasing day by day due to diversity and complexity of work during daily life. Most of the people do work by sitting on chair and does not do any work in which they have to walk or do exercise due to which bones become weak and people experienced pain in bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. The management of pain during its initial stage is very important because situation can become worse when remain untreated and patients also have to hospitalize due to severe pain.

Keywords: Musculoskeletal pain, fibromyalgia, repetitive movements, mobilization treatment.

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Please cite this article in press Muhammad Abdur Rehman et al, Determents And Treatment In Muscles Pain Compact Syndrome Body Parts With Nature Of Effective Categories., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2021; 08(1).

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