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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Dr. Hania Anjum, Dr. Barea Tanveer, Khansa Ahmed

Abstract :

Objective: The aim of our stud was to find out the prevalence and relationship of anemia in elderly hospitalized patients with comorbidities.
Study Design: A descriptive study.
Place and Duration: This study was conducted at medical department, Allied hospital Faisalabad for the duration of one year starting from November, 2019 to October, 2020.
Methodology: In our present study we selected 100 patients with the use of non-probability convenient sampling technique. According to World Health Organization (WHO) criteria we defined anemia as Hemoglobin in Females were <12 g/dL and in Males were <13 g/dL. According to grades of anemia: in severe grade of patient’s hemoglobin were <8g/dl, in mild grade of patient’s hemoglobin were between 11g/dl and lower limit of normal and in moderate grade of patient’s hemoglobin were between 8 g/dl and 10.9 g/dl. SPSS version 20 was used for the analysis of data.
Results: In our present study we selected 100 patients in which 63% were found to be anemic. 57% patients were found in mild form of anemia, 30% patients were found in moderate form of anemia and 12% patients were found in severe form of anemia. 49% of anemic patients had 3 or more comorbidities. According to gender distribution, 53 patients were male and 47 patients were female. In our study the most common diseases are heart disease, diabetes chronic kidney disease and hypertension.
Conclusion: At the end of our study, we conclude that frequency of anemia is more in hospitalized patients and its directly associate with number of comorbidities. Physicians should have a high index of skepticism and low threshold for treatment of anemia in elderly patients as this can significantly impact the disease outcome.

Keywords :Comorbidities, Geriatric, Elderly, Anemia, Hospitalized

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