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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Dr Sana Eman,Dr Abubakar Obaid,Dr Muhammad Huzaifa Javaid.

Abstract :

The most common cause of anemia around the globe is iron deficiency anemia. Pregnant women, children and women of reproductive age are more prone to get anemia. Child mortality and morbidity is linked with maternal anemia such as an increased risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, and prematurity and low birth weight of the baby. In developed countries there is approximately 20% of perinatal mortality and maternal mortality are contributing factor of iron deficiency anemia. It was stated that in 2005 there were 1.63 billion people were affected by anemia around the world. While in 2011 it was estimated that the global prevalence of anemia among pregnant women is about 38%, and non-pregnant women is about 29%, and for all women of reproductive age is about 29%. As compared with low- and middle-income countries the prevalence of anemia among non-pregnant and pregnant women was seen low in high-income countries.
. This study found that about 44% of the women of reproductive age were anemic. It indicates that anemia could be serious public health concern. Current study has given the statistics of prevalence of anemia is high as compared to previous literature it highlights the need to reconsider the existing nutritional policy. Obese was seen less likely to be anemic as compared to women with underweight who were having higher prevalence. Poor nutritional status is basic reason of both, anemia and lower BM. increasing the risk of developing anemia may result in Poor diet quality and lower bioavailability of dietary iron. Mobilization of community health workers and volunteers can be a strategic measure to reach a large section of adolescents including women of reproductive age. For the recommendation of anemia surveillance and interventions programs specific to targeted groups and high-risk populations. More studies are required to actually determine the causing factors associated with anemia.

Keywords : high-risk population

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