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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Dr Faiza Zaheer, Dr Raheel Ghaffar Wattoo, Dr Wajeeha Noor

Abstract :

Introduction: The treatment of inflammation is of great importance in both laparoscopy and open surgery. In these surgical applications, assessment of the neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio (NLR) and the platelet to lymphocyte ratio (PLR), which are markers of inflammatory events, may be useful for the surgeon.
Place and Duration: In the West Surgery Department of Mayo Hospital, Lahore for one-year duration from June 2019 to June 2020.
Methods: A post-hoc analysis of data obtained from 74 patients by means of abdominal laparoscopy was performed. Preoperative characteristics, types of lesions, NLR and PLR values, and postoperative status were recorded for each patient.
Results: A total of 30 patients (44.8%) experienced profound organic abdominal trauma. 74 cases were transferred to open surgery due to inadequate or incompatible laparoscopy. In the correlation analysis of all continuous variables, NLR showed a positive correlation with PLR (r = 0.932; p <0.00001), but this correlation was not observed with lactate values. Both NLR and PLR increased significantly in open surgery compared to laparoscopic cases (p = 0.029 and p = 0.047, respectively).
Conclusion: Assessment of NLR and PLR levels in patients with penetrating abdominal trauma can provide cost-effective and user-friendly information on abdominal inflammation. Higher NLR and PLR values suggest that open surgery is required rather than laparoscopic surgery.

Keywords :neutrophil / lymphocyte ratio; Platelet / lymphocyte ratio; Penetrating abdominal trauma; Laparoscopy

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