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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Muhammad Shehzad, Sehrish Riaz, Zaib Un Nisa, Dr Marium Hina, Dr Maina Nasir

Abstract :

Background: Job satisfaction is a critical issue in health care. Stress mounts when job satisfaction wanes and staff retention may be adversely impacted and patient outcomes may suffer as well
Objective: To determine the factors enhancing motivation among Physiotherapists working in the locality of Lahore
Methods: This study was observational cross-sectional survey in which 100 physical therapists were enrolled in it from various clinical and academic settings across Lahore. Data was collected regarding the work motivation of physical therapist using a standardized questionnaire. Data was entered in SPSS 16 and analyzed.
Results: The main results regarding subscales of motivation showed that mean and standard deviation of score of different subscales of workplace motivation. The mean score of Intrinsic Motivation, Integrated Regulation, Identified Regulation, Introjected Regulation, External Regulation and Amotivation was 4.0667±1.66, 3.9700±1.58 3.9433±1.33, 4.0100±1.72, 4.0533±1.094 and 4.0933±1.064.
Conclusion: The physiotherapists showed a mixed picture of motivation pattern irrespective of their job setting, gender or age. Most of the physical therapist were intrinsically motivated, introjected regulated and external regulated.

Keywords :Work Place Motivation, Job Satisfaction, Physical Therapists

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