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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Dr.Saira shafee

Abstract :

This research study will basically involve the research on the aspects to do with Chest X-ray and high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) in relation to Covid-19 points. An intensive research is carried out to have proper understanding on the origin, spread and some of the Covid-19 preventative measures. The approach of this study will therefore be narrowed down by investigating the relationship between Chest X-ray, high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) and the Covid-19 points. The exploration on the relationship of these stated aspects will be done using the statistical technique of Correlation analysis.
Introduction: This pandemic disease emerged in China in November 2019 (Morens et al. 2020). The disease has negatively affected the daily life endeavors of individuals globally in terms of economical, social, and political affairs. As per recent medical research, the chest X-ray is a practice that is necessary to check and diagnose the chest status of a given individual (Cozzi et al. 2020). Hence, the research on this particular study will also put much focus on the impact of the chest X-ray as far as the detection and treatment of Covid 19 is concerned. On the other hand, the medical technique to do with high-resolution computed tomography is a technical method used to image the pathology of lungs (Lins et al. 2020). HCRT primarily involves the usage of narrow collimation of beam in imaging the lung parenchyma. HRCT is very essential as it enables the production of high-resolution images of the different parts of the lung such as the am alveoli, trachea, and interstitium (Lins et al. 2020). Hence, it will be also necessary to carry out a correlation analysis between HCRT and Covid-19.

Keywords :Chest X-ray, High resolution computed tomography (HRCT), Covid-19 points.

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