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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Dr. Hira Arshad, Dr Nosheen Saba, Muhammad Anjam Khursheed

Abstract :

Objectives: The present study purposes to discover the mutual risk factors disposing to distortions and the comparative occurrences of several distortions.
Methods: This was a crosswise study in which the contributors were designated through non-possibility purposive selection method and the standards of assortment was being identified with any distortion either in current or previous. The study was led for 2 months i.e. from November to December 2017, at Services Hospital and General Hospital, Lahore. The Contributors were interrogated via survey which was interpreted into resident verbal by the investigators themselves. An example size of 171 was designed with help of WHO S. Size software. The statistics was collected and complied with the help of SPSS 17.
Results: Our consequences exposed that distortion was most normally connected with Breast in 65 (38%), colon in 17 (9.8%), uterus in 14 (8.18%) and lung and skin in 9 (5.27%) victims. The most usually pretentious age group was 31-60 years with 111 (64.92%) victims of our sample. The danger issues most normally met in the history of these victims were inactive smoking in 80 (46.77%), family history in 35 (20.46%), living in engineering area in 22 (12.86%), experience to industrial chemicals and waste in 16 (9.33%), extreme skin experience in 14 (8.1%) and experience to dangerous contaminations in 3 (1.76%) participants. In adding to these outcomes, bladder Ca was create to have a noteworthy connotation with chemical industry and 44.61 % of the Breast CA victims had positive domestic account.
Conclusion: The above consequences lead us to accomplish that more research is wanted in this zone for the appropriate leadership of populace concerning initial analysis of distortions. Additional investigates in travelling the important associations of precise risk influences to convinced distortions must be led, so that, the populace is conscious of the danger influences that need to be explored.

Keywords :Distortion, relative frequency, Tumor.

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