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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Barha Rafiq Chaudhry, Ali Raza Balouch, Dr. Nazia Akbar

Abstract :

Objective: Main aim of this Investigation work was to evaluate the pervasiveness proportion, demographic traits and danger features for A-C-S between victims having less than forty five yrs of age. Normally, this difficulty is not common between youngish persons in comparison with elder populace of community. One of the main cause of high proportion of morbidity as well as transience in the whole world is A-C-S (Severe Coronary Disease).
Methodology: The collection of the indicators and its analysis carried out. Comparison of the victims having less than forty five yrs of age carried out with the victims having greater than forty five yrs of age. This examination is a transverse, retrograde Investigation work. We recruited the victims with random sampling of the victims who got admission because of A-C-S in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore from April 2017 to January 2020.
Result: The average age of these victims was 39.2 ± 6.0 yrs. The diagnosis of all the youngish victims of A-C-S carried out with the unstable quinsy and NSTEMI (Non-ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction). A sum of total 628 victims were the participants of this Investigation work. The pervasiveness of A-C-S in youngish populace with A-C-S was 6.12%. Smokers of tobacco, DM and HTN displayed important association with the onset of A-C-S in youngish populace (P ≤ 0.050).There were 59.50% youngish victims of A-C-S who were addicted to smoking, whereas 37.80% and 51.40% between them were suffering from DM (Diabetes Mellitus) and HTN (Hypertension) correspondingly. Habit of cigarette smoking and past history of diseases of coronary artery in the family were very common in the youngish victims of A-C-S.
Conclusion: So, it is vital to detect these features and the implementation of strict measures are necessary to handle these features for the prevention of the progression of diseases of coronary artery. Three most important danger features (cigarette smoking, DM and HTN) had been displayed to have significant association with the onset of A-C-S in youngish populace.

Keywords :A-C-S, coronary, artery, pervasiveness, association, Diabetes mellitus, correspondingly, pervasiveness, retrograde, transverse.

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