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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Dr Rukhsana Bhurgri, Dr Razia Perveen, Dr Sheereen Imtiaz

Abstract :

Objective: To find the effect of smoking on developing type 2 diabetes mellitus in selected cohort.
Materials And Methods: This comparable cross-sectional study of spanning half a year was directed at tertiary care hospital. The incorporation criteria of the study were fifty smokers of ≥35 years old and either gender had history of smoking ≥ 5 years while fifty of same age group were likewise enlisted as control group who were non smokers. The set of experiences was taken with respect to the age for cigarette smoking, number of cigarettes smoked/day, current-smokers or ex-smokers and total term of smoking. In known type 2 diabetic patients itemized history was taken with respect to age at the hour of determination, drugs utilized and if the illness was controlled. Blood glucose was done in the pathology research centre or by glucometer and other routine examinations were additionally done whenever required.
Results: During this study, spanning a total of six months a total of 100 people (fifty smokers and fifty non smokers) were assessed. The mean age ±SD for smoker and non smokers was 50.98±7.86 and 48.84±8.63 with male gender. In smoker group the diabetes was distinguished in 34 (68%) patients while in non smokers the diabetes was recognized in 12 (24%) people. The affiliation is straightforwardly corresponding to number of tobacco smoke and span of smoking.
Conclusion: The smoking is an independent factor for type 2 DM and found in both the genders. The more drawn out the span of smoking, the more odds of creating type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Keywords :Smoking, Type 2 diabetes mellitus, Diabetes mellitus

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