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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Dr Sheereen Imtiaz, Dr Razia Perveen, Dr Rukhsana Bhurgri

Abstract :

Objective: To survey the clinical attributes, post-operative entanglements and recurrence rate in patients of hydrocele operative medical procedures at a tertiary care Hospital.
Material and strategies: A prospective study, performed in the surgical division of the hospital. Study length was one-year from 2018 to 2019. All the cases were chosen from OPD of general surgery and after diagnosis of hydrocele were conceded in the ward for surgical treatment. All patients were operated for various surgical reasons. After medical procedures patients were released once their condition and were exhorted for routine checkups for at least a half year. During the subsequent period, all the postoperative complications and repeats rate were recorded in the predesigned proforma.
Results: Total 41 cases were joined with a diagnosis of hydrocele; mean age was found41.43+4.04 years. The privilege was more engaged with 65.85% patients when contrasted with left side 34.15%. The expanding was in all cases, feeling distress found in 80%, following by pain, queasiness and spewing were found with the level of 14.63% and 9.75% individually. As indicated by postoperative difficulties pain was in 04(09.75%), haematoma in 2 cases, oedema was found in 3 patients, while repeats were found in 2 cases out of 41, and 10 cases didn’t come for development.
Conclusion: In the current study, it is reasoned that postoperative difficulties and repeated pace of hydrocele was low. Surgical methods ought to be applied by condition and its seriousness.

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