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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Mahzaib Shafqat, Khalid Hussain, Aitzaz Ahmad


Abstract :

Objective: To determine the wound dehiscence frequency after emergency laparotomy.
Design & Duration: This is a prospective observational-type study. The study was launched in July 2018 and completed for six months in December 2018.
Setting: This study was carried out at the jinnah hospital lahore.
Patients and Methods: This study included patients who worked in the emergency room, irrespective of age and gender, during the study. Patients with malignancy, immune compromise or chemo- or radiation therapy were not included in this review. In this report, consent was obtained from all cases and the ethics committee also obtained permission. Patients were prepared before surgery and both baseline and special investigations were conducted where necessary. Middle line incision worked for various indications and abdominal wall closure was performed in all cases in the same way with continuous proline-1 stitches. Demographic data including age, gender, symptom period and methods of standard deviation were published.
Results: There were 100 male and 50 female cases out of a total of 150 cases. There were 30 cases between 15 and 25 years of age, 38 between 25 and 35, 44 between 36-45, 28 between 45 and55 and 10 between 55 years of age. In 23 cases, wound dehiscence was detected by 15 male and eight female cases. The cause of laparotomy was typhoid perforation in 40 cases, tuberculous intestinal perforation in 34 cases, perforated appendix in 26 cases, and abdominal trauma in 50 cases.
Conclusion: Wound dehiscence after emergency laparotomy is normal in our hospitals due to insufficient close-off or increased infection rates of emergency causing surgical infection and wound dehiscence.

Keywords : wound infection, emergency laparotomy, laparotomy, Wound dehiscence

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