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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Ansa Abid, Maryam Rana, Hafiz Muhammad Hamzah Shahid, Hafiz Muhammad Hanzlah Shahid, Hafiz Muhammad Huzaifah Shahid, Sana Shabbir

Abstract :

Introduction: Tetanus is a severe auditory but vaccine-avoidable disorder caused by Clostridium tetani that effect notable morbidity and dying among children in progressing countries.
Aims and objectives: The fundamental reason of the study is to inspect the study on hazards, vaccination status and result of tetanus in infants.
Methodology of the study: This random sample study was regulated in PIMS, Islamabad during March 2018 to January 2019. The information was assembled from 100 infants of both genders. The identification of tetanus was clinical, built on medical record and observation, finding out the existence of at the minimum three of the successive clinical discoveries: severe lockjaw, denial to feed, generalized muscle sternness, muscle spasm or unconstrained tetanic spasms. Blood samples were collected within one hour of hospitalization. Laboratory tests included full blood count, electrolytes, creatinine and glucose.
Results: The information was assembled from 100 patients. There were 69(69.0%) males and 31 (31.0%) females. general, the mean age was 6.55+3.14 years, and the ordinary age group at presentation was 5-11 years with 36(50.4%) cases. 49(66%) were unvaccinated, none (0%) had given booster dosage and post-trauma immune preventive treatment. The case casualty rate was therefore 62.8%, and did not change significantly over the 15 years (P = 0.535).
Conclusion: It is concluded that this cross sectional study has recorded high case casualty rates in Pediatric tetanus in the study area.

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