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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Dr. Mah Rukh, Dr.Ghazal Mushtaq, Dr.Fatima zubair


Abstract :

Objective- The objective of this study is to measure the accuracy of BP assessing device confirmed by mercury sphygmomanometer.
Material and Methods- This was a cross sectional types study conducted in Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi in which total 212 subjects were selected for observation. All the selected children were kept at 45 degree on examination bed and then after that 5 minutes rest period was given to them. After this both diastolic and systolic BP was measured using automated BP assessing device named as Omron HEM-907XL. Three reading were taken from all the selected patients and then average of these readings was taken for further analysis. After checking BP through automated assessing device, a further rest period of five minutes were given to them and then BP was again measured of all the patients using standard mercury sphygmomanometer.
Results- Out of 212 selected patients 44% were female and 56% were male and the mean age of all the selected patients was 10 ± 7.53 years. Mean BMI was 25 ± 4.463 Kg/m2. In 72% off the patients automated device measured accurate BP while in 28% it was not accurately measured.
Conclusion- It was concluded that the automated BP assessing device is 72% accurate confirmed by mercury sphygmomanometer.

Keywords : mercury sphygmomanometer, automated blood pressure, accuracy

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