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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Roman Bibi, Dr Umer Farooq, Bushra Ashraf

Abstract :

Objective: post-operating difficulties in the victims appeared with thyromegaly and this assessment work carried out to find out the proportion of occurrence of rhythm thyromegaly (RSG), its Medical expressions.
Methodology: All the victims suffering from thyromegaly were assessed for the thyroidal’s rhythm extension, Medical expressions and post-operating complication. This is prospective, transverse assessment work which carried out in Surgical procedure Department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore from December 2016 to August 2019.
Results: We found the rhythm extension of two lobes in 83.17% victims, and extension of single lobe in 16.16% victims. Among total nine hundred and seventy eight victims, 9.15% (n: 89) victims were present with thyroidal’s rhythm extension. Most of the victims were females (94.55%) & euthyroidal (91.03%). Total 39.35% victims were in their 5th decade of life. There was presence of recurring laryngeal nerve palsy in 4.47% victims. There was development of hypocalcaemia in 3.36% victims as well as same proportion of contagion of wound after operating intervention. The most common complaint was dyspnea according to most of the victims, followed by headache in 30.35% and dysphagia in 25.85% victims.
Conclusion: The Surgical procedure of this complication is easily possible through cervical technique. Thyroidal’s rhythm extension is very common.

Keywords :rhythm, Surgical procedure, occurrence, thyroidal, palsy, extension, thyromegaly, prevalence, lobes, development, cervical.

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