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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Dr Hamna Tariq, Roman Bibi, Dr Sidra Mukhtar

Abstract :

Objectives: The main objective of discussed is to inspect the medical preoperative laboratory statistics, intraoperative findings, and medical outcome of HCC in older v/s adolescent victims those who underwent invasive enucleation.
Methods: Demographic and operative statistics, pathological findings, and post-invasive consequences were collected. Prognostic factors were analyzed by univariate and multivariate assessment. A total of 51 “ageing” (≥65 yrs old) and 102 “adolescent” (≤65 yrs old) who underwent liverwort enucleation between December 2012 to January 2019 were identified and included in this research.
Results: More fundamental Hepatitis B virus contamination and cirrhosis found in adolescent (84.6% – 94.4%). In both of sets, adolescent males (91.19%) and older female (23.6%) with a combined P-value <0.004, have a higher proportion of HCC. There was no significant arithmetical difference in the Child-Pugh class in both sets. More fundamental diabetes mellitus and Hepatitis C were observed in ageing HCC. Post-operative pneumonia and pleural effusion common in adolescent group (9.8%, P<0.516 and 34.6%, P<0.32 respectively), while wound contaminations were most commonly seen in the ageing (19.8%, P<0.55). The overall estimated mortality and hospitalization were not significantly different in both sets. The intraoperative parameters adolescent victims received right-sided hepatectomy, right hepatectomy (65.8%), and right trisegmentomy (10.8%) while the older victims mostly received left-sided hepatectomy, left hepatectomy (37.5%).
Conclusion: Still, it proves that a liverwort enucleation is a safe option in Hepatocarcinoma carcinoma. Two sets of operative consequences indicated that the right lobe of liver HCC more in the adolescent and left lobe more in older victims and post-operative wound contamination in ageing and pleural effusion.
Keywords: Hepatocarcinoma carcinoma, Wound contamination, Hepatectomy.

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Please cite this article in press Hamna Tariq et al, Medical Assessment Of Hepatocellular Carcinoma After Liverwort Enucleation In Adolescent Against Ageing Victims., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2021; 08[1]

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