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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Dr. Tasmiya Tariq, Dr. Sumyya Akmal, Dr. Marrium Liaqat

Abstract :

Introduction: Post-partum hemorrhage is most common complication of this level. Phase -III of engagement start after providing of baby and continues till providing of rhinoceros and membranes.
Objectives: With and without rhinoceros twine plasma effluvium to compare the Average period of phase -III of engagement in victims undergoing spontaneous perineal providing.
Processing: Total 188 victims were enrolled in the exploration after taking informed consent and allocated into control and instance clutch by lottery process. This scrambled control probationary was carried out in -III tertiary care hospitals of Punjab, Department of Physician & Gynecology, Jinnah Hospital, Lahore, Lahore General Hospital Lahore and Services Hospital Lahore from December 2017 to May 2018, 188 instances (94 in each clutch) were selected using non prospect consecutive sampling. Ethical approval was taken from hospital ethical committee. In control clutch twine was clamped from both sides while in instance clutch twine was unclamped from other side and period of phase -III was noted for both sets.
Results: More victims belong to younger age clutch (20 yrs to 35 yrs) i.e. 119 while 69 belonged to elder age clutch i.e. 36 yrs to 50 yrs 62.4 percent and 35.6percent correspondingly. The Average age was 29.05 ± 4.8 yrs with slightest age of 21 yrs and extreme age of 45 yrs. More distribution of victims in younger age clutch 20 -35 yrs and less in 36 to 50 yrs i.e. 66percent and 34percent correspondingly. Average period of phase -III of engagement in instance clutch was 7.6± 3.8 mints and in control clutch 12.7±5.5 mints.
Conclusion: From mother side significantly decreases the phase -III of engagement this exploration determined that unclamping placenta.
Key Words: rhinoceros plasma effluvium, overdue twine clamping, prolonged phase -III of engagement.

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