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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Dr. Shan-E-Ahmed, Dr. Khawar Hussain, Dr. Zoha Afsheen

Abstract :

Background: Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection causes significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. Occupational exposure of health care workers and medical students increase their risk of acquiring HBV infection, and many authorities recommend vaccination. However, significant proportions of health care workers do not receive HBV immunization, and remain at increased risk to HBV infection.
Objectives: To study the vaccination status against Hepatitis B among medical students enrolled in Nishtar Medical University and Hospital, Multan.
Methods: This cross sectional, randomized, observational study was done at Nishtar Medical University and Hospital, Multan. It has almost 1200 medical students from first year to final year. All students were interviewed using a pre structured questionnaire to find out the vaccination status of these students and the reasons for not getting vaccinated.
Results: A total of 350 medical students were approached to participate in the study but only 300 (85%) students gave response. Out of the total 300 students, 230 were vaccinated against Hepatitis B. Among these students only 150 (50%) had completed their full vaccination schedule and 80 (26.6%) did not completed their 3 doses of vaccination. Reasons for not being vaccinated were lack of knowledge about consequences (17%), casual behavior (30%), don’t know where to obtain the vaccine (15%), fear of injection (15%), busy schedule (13%) and financial problems (10%). 180 (60%) students were screened before taking the vaccine.
Conclusions: Despite of relation to medical profession, behaviour among student regarding hepatitis vaccination is not satisfactory. Awareness campaign is need of hour to spread awareness in people especially related to medical profession because they are prone to get infected in hospital settings during dealing with patients.
Keywords: Hepatitis B, vaccination, medical students, Vaccine, attitude, awareness

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