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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Dr Saba Ahmed, Dr Ayesha Mehak Saeed, Dr Sheereen Imtiaz

Abstract :

Background and objectives: Bimaxillary protrusion is a condition wherein aesthetic concerns are the principal purpose for looking for orthodontic treatment.
The aim of this retrospective cephalometric study was to assess the soft tissue profile and dental changes among female Pakistani bimaxillary protrusion patients treated with extraction of throughout the second premolars followed by retraction of the anterior teeth.
Materials and Methods: Pre and post-treatment cephalometric radiographs of grown-up female patients (ages 18–30 years) who went through orthodontic treatment for Class I bimaxillary protrusion were gotten. Information was dissected with SPSS 20. A paired t-test and Pearson’s relationship coefficients were led with the statistical significance set at 95% (P-value < 0.05).
Results: At posttreatment, there was a general decline in the mean values among the majority of the soft tissue and dental cephalometric angles and linear estimations. Among soft-tissue factors, there was a peripheral expansion in the upper lip length by 1.49 mm (P < 0.001), and the nasolabial angle expanded extraordinarily by 7.64° (P < 0.001). Additionally, a stamped increment in ratiocination by 5.95° (P < 0.001) was seen among the dental factors. On the other hand, no significant changes were noted in the lower incisors. Pearson’s relationship investigation uncovered a significant connection between’s all the distinctive dental factors. Inside the soft tissue factors, there was a significant positive connection between’s adjustments in the upper lip protrusion, lower lip protrusion, upper lip thickness, and the separation from the upper and lower lips to the S-line.
Keywords: Bimaxillary protrusion, orthodontic therapy, soft tissue profile

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Please cite this article in press Saba Ahmed et al, Post Second Premolars Extraction: Changes In Dental And Soft-Tissue Of Female Patients In Pakistan., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2021; 08(1).

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