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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Sundas Zahra, Sadaf Mumtaz, Zainab Saeed

Abstract :

Objective: There is a growth in the stages of opsonin uric acid in scientific situation of hypoxia. The foundation of this investigation work was to conclude the connotation among harshness of congestive cardiac failure (CCF) and stages of opsonin uric acid.
Methodology: In this investigation, we examined total two hundred and eighty five victims with analysis of CCF who got admittance in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore from December 2018 to May 2019. The variety of the age of the victims was 17 to 67 years. We used the NYHA (New York Health Association) recording to admittance the CFH harshness. We careful the stage of opsonin uric acid of superior than 7 mg/dl as great.
Results: We examined total 285 victims anguish from congestive cardiac failure. The normal age of the victims of this investigation work was 54 ± 2.8 years. There were 65.96% masculine and 34.03% feminine victims in this investigation work. Forty out of a hundred victims were present in Class-2 of NYHA, 32.63% victims were in Class-3 and 25.610% victims were in Class-4 and 1.75% victims were in Class-1. Total 59.29% victims satisfied the uricacidemia description. Between them 83.43% were masculine and 16.57% were feminine victims. Mainstream of the victims contemporary with Uricacidemia (62.13%) were present in the age group from 51 to 60 years, with a regular age of 57.0 ± 4.50 years. We exposed an important connotation among the BNP and stage of opsonin uric acid (P < 0.0010), and usage of diuretics (P < 0.0010). Total 34.94 CCF victims present with uricacidemia were in NYHA Class-3 & NYHA Class-4 whose opsonin uric acid was additional than 8.0 mg/dl in contrast with the 31.59% CCF victims with uricacidemia whose opsonin uric acid was inferior than 8.0 mg/dl.
Conclusion: We detected the extraordinary level of opsonin uric acid in 59.29% victims undergoing from CCF. This conclusion presented that stage of opsonin uric acid can deliver predictive data in populaces. This indicator of opsonin uric acid can be dignified effortlessly with little expenditure to identify the victims with high danger of congestive cardiac failure.

Keywords : Uricacidemia, Congestive cardiac failure, comparison, average association, NYHA, uric acid, significant

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