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Volume : 08, Issue : 01, January – 2021


Wajiha Tayyab, Ayesha Khalid, Murghoob Ahmad

Abstract :

Background: The purpose of this investigation is to analyze the adverse effects of falls in females after menopause. In this study 200 females having post menopause were added in the study.
The study was of cross sectional type. The ages of the women added in the study were about 50 years. All the women added in the study were the inhabitants of Lahore. Expedient sampling was the methodology used for the selection of women for the investigational study in Lahore. Females that have already undergone any type of therapy, surgery or hormonal substitution were not included in the study. Disable females were also excluded from the study.
The scale used for the measurement of chances of fall in females was Berg Balance scale. The adverse effects produced in females by fall are assessed by giving a question paper to every patient. Females filled the question paper regarding their situations and risk factors. All the information obtained after receiving the filled question papers was analyzed by SPSS. The version 20 of the SPSS was used for the assessment. Females with average ages between 58-62 were included in the experiment. Most of the women added in the study were house inhabitants while small numbers of females were engaged in any job. About 75% females were house holders and remaining was doing some work. The high chances of fall were due to one main reason that was the presence of diabetes in females. It has been investigated that in the females suffering from diabetes have more chances of fall as compare to normal females who does not have diabetes. 7% more risks of fall were seen in diabetic women.
The second main reason of plunge in females was deafness and third was incontinence. The dread of diminishing was also seen a big cause of declining in postmenopausal females. Sudden variations in blood pressure and muscular issues also cause the medium drops in females. This study was aimed to find out the causes of falls in the post menopausal females. The main reason that causes the fall in females were as listed below: diabetes, deafness, inability to stop urination, horror of drop out etc. as more of these reasons were present in females causes more numbers of falls in females.

Keywords : Falls, Postmenopausal, Risk factor, Women

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