Volume : 08, Issue : 05, May – 2021



Authors :

Dr. Raymond L Venter

Abstract :

The literature describing low-intensity ultrasound in two significant areas of cancer therapy – sonodynamic therapy and ultrasound-mediated chemotherapy – was reviewed. Each technique consistently killed cancer cells, and the bioeffects of ultrasound were attributed primarily to thermal actions and inertial cavitation. Each therapeutic modality benefited from using theranostic contrast agents composed of microbubbles for both therapy and vascular imaging. The development of these agents is critical because it establishes a therapeutic-diagnostic platform for monitoring anti-cancer therapy success. However, little attention has been paid to either the direct examination of the underlying mechanisms underlying observed bioeffects or the viability of these therapies in naturally occurring cancers in larger mammals; if such investigations yielded encouraging results, a therapy technique could be rapidly applied in treating cancer patients.
Keywords: Ultrasound bioeffects, Cancer therapy, Low-intensity ultrasound, Sonodynamic therapy, Antivascular ultrasound, ultrasound-mediated chemotherapy.

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