Volume : 08, Issue : 11, November – 2021



Authors :

Humera Mohammadi, Adiba Afreen, Dr.Noorunnisa Begum, Lateef Unnisa

Abstract :

Background: Drug delivery systems (DDS) are a strategic tool for expanding markets/indications, extending product life cycles and generating opportunities. DDS has made a significant contribution to global pharmaceutical sales through market segmentation, and are moving rapidly.
Objectives: To formulate and Evaluate Fast Dissolving Mouth Drugs
Methods: Mouth fast dissolving tablets (MFDT’s) were prepared by direct compression method according to formula. All the ingredients were passed through mesh # 30 except magnesium stearate. Magnesium stearate was passed through mesh # 40. Drug, and superdisintegrant were mixed by taking small portion of each in ascending order and blended to get a uniform mixture in a mortar. The other ingredients were weighed and mixed in geometrical order and tablets were compressed using 7mm round flat punches on a Cadmach single punch machine.
Results: Disintegrating study showed that the disintegrating times of the tables decreased with combination of both sodium starch glycolate and cross carmellose with different concentrations. it also showed least disintegration time in comparison with the all-other formulation because of their lowest hardness and the porous structure is responsible for faster water uptake, hence it facilitates swelling action in bringing about fast disintegration
Conclusion: Combination of sodium starch glycolate and crosscarmellosesodium (6% of 25%-ssg&75%ccs)) promotes dissolution rate of drug release when compared to formulation of SSG &CCS alone .It may be due to capillary and wicking mechanism of SSG &CCS
Keywords: Glycolate, Drug delivery systems, orally disintegrating tablets, crosscarmellosesodium

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Please cite this article in press Humera Mohammadi et al, Formulating And Evaluating Fast Dissolving Mouth Drugs., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2021; 08(11).

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