Volume : 09, Issue : 01, January – 2022



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Kashi S Ojha*, Suchita Gokhale, Dr. Smita Takarkhede, Roshani Nimgire, Anam Mulla, Namsale Ujwala

Abstract :

Nipah virus (NIV) it is a type of viral infection; its name is originated in 1998-1999 from Malaysian peninsula in a village of “sangai nipah” from this village NIV is introduced. Nipah virus has been isolated from Lyle’s flying fox (Pteropus lyei) in Cambodia in 2005 and viral RNA found in urine and saliva from p.lylei and Horsfield’s roundleaf bat( Hipposideros larvatus) in Thailand. Specialty It is a Infectious disease Symptoms It is difficult to identify in initial start of infection, because its infection is like none, mild fever, cough, headache, shortness of breathing and quite mental disabilities. Complication’s encephalitis (Inflammation of brain) it includes disabilities of mental health like memory loss, uncontrolled jerking, abnormal excessive neutronal activity in the brain. Clinical presentation ranges from asymptomatic infection to fatal encephalitis. Diagnosis there are more than one way to diagnose nipah virus (NIV) . isolation, RT-PCR, and antibody detection by the ELISHA tests are the tests that healthcare professionals use to diagnose nipah virus. Causes Nipah virus (NIV) is a virus which can be spread by direct contact with infected one. Treatment its about supportive care. but in recent cases study of Ribavirin was used to cure more than 100 lives. Prevention avoiding exposure to bat , contaminated foods , and infected pigs.
KEYWORDS: Encephalitis, Zoonotic virus, Asymptomatic , Fatal encephalitis , Acute respiratory illness, Lethality , Epidemiologic , #nipahvirus(NIV).

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Please cite this article in press Kashi S Ojha et al, Review- On the Nipah Virus (NIV) Disease., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2022; 09(01).

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