Volume : 09, Issue : 01, January – 2022



Authors :

Padala Alekya*, N. Kiranmayee, S.Akanksha, M.sandhya, Paneri B Desai,D.Meghana Reddy, D.Komali, Jagadeesh Panda

Abstract :

UV spectroscopic method for estimation of Albendazole was developed and validated as per international conference on Harmonization guidelines. It showed the absorption maxima at 237 nm in diluted glacial acetic acid. The developed method was found linear over the concentration range of 5 to 25 µg/ml. The regression coefficient was found to be 0.999. Intraday precision and Interday precision were found to be 0.37 and 0.46 respectively. %Recovery was obtained as 99.4%,99.3% and 99.3% for 80%,100% and 120% respectively. Therefore simple, linear, accurate, precise and highly sensitive method was developed.
Key Words: Albendazole, UV Spectrophotometric method, Acetic acid, Validation, ICH guidelines

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Please cite this article in press Padala Alekya et al, Simple And Precise UV Spectrophotometric Method For The Estimation And Validation Of Albendazole., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2022; 09(01).

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