Volume : 09, Issue : 07, July – 2022



Authors :

Pragya Sharma*, Priyanka Namdeo, Dr. Govind Nayak, Dr. Parul Mehta

Abstract :

In the tropics, infectious diseases that either occurs exclusively or more frequently in humid and subtropical climates are either more prevalent or more difficult to prevent or manage. A type of vesicular system called invasomes exhibits greater transdermal penetration than conventional liposomes. These vesicles’ structures contain phospholipids, ethanol, and terpene, which provide the soft vesicles good transdermal penetration properties. These nanovesicles’ ability to increase drug permeability into the epidermis while reducing absorption into the systemic circulation, hence restricting drug action within the skin layer, is one of its main advantages. In present study was to develop and characterize Tazarotene -loaded invasomal drug carrier systems. Different Formulations (F1 to F6) of invasomes were prepared and evaluated for average vesicle size, zeta potential and entrapment efficiency.Drug content of Tazarotene incorporated invasomes gel for formulation TIG-1, TIG-2 and TIG-3 was found to be97.85±0.32, 99.12±0.25 and 98.74±0.14 respectively. The maximum drug content was found in formulation TIG-2 (99.12±0.25), select as optimized formulation.When the regression coefficient values of were compared, it was observed that ‘r2’ values of Higuchi was maximum i.e.0.994 hence indicating drug release from formulations was found to follow Higuchi kinetics.
Key words: Invasome, Tazarotene , Topical disease, Formulation, Evaluation

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