Volume : 09, Issue : 06, June – 2022



Authors :

Khan Fahaad Hassan*, Sailesh kumar Ghatuary, Satkar Prasad,Kalpana Prajapati

Abstract :

The intention of research was to design and development of sustained release multi- component drug delivery system using hot melt coating technique. Hot melt coating technique was used initially to formulate sustained release drug delivery system of ofloxacin and finally to formulate sustained release multi- component drug delivery system of rifampicin plus isoniazid and metoprolol tartrate plus hydrochlorothiazide respectively. Ofloxacin pellets were prepared by rotary shaker pelletizer and hot melt coated with different coating levels of various ratios of stearic acid: palmitic acid. Ofloxacin hot melt coated pellets were spherical with smooth surface and also complies parametric standards for hardness, friability and drug content. Ofloxacin pellets were found stable during stability study. In vitro dissolution study of ofloxacin pellets demonstrated that drug dissolution was reliant upon the physicochemical properties of the drug and more specifically on drug’s aqueous solubility, coating compositions and coating levels. Aceclofenac pellets were hot melt coated using cow ghee and ethyl cellulose. Hot melt coated aceclofenac pellets showed good flow property and pass the tests like friability, hardness and drug content. Aceclofenac pellets release profile demonstrated more than 65% release in 4 hours. Since the method used for hot melt coating did not facilitate more than 10% of coating composition, further retardation of aceclofenac release could not be achieved. Stability study showed no major change in physicochemical characteristic and dissolution.
Key Words : Ofloxacin, Pellets, Physicochemical, friability, hardness, flow property

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Please cite this article in press Khan Fahaad Hassan et al, Design Of Sustained Release Pellets Of Ofloxacin Using Hot Melt Coating Technique., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2022; 09(6).,

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