Volume : 09, Issue : 06, June – 2022



Authors :

Paras Saini, Sandeep Kumar, Manish Panchal, Jasvinder Saini, Gopal Thakur, Priyakshi Rana


Abstract :

Oral drug delivery is the most preferable route of drug administration due to ease of administration, Patient compliance, Flexibility in formulation etc. However, In case of the oral route there are several challenges such as First pass metabolism and drug degradation in GI environment and poor pharmacological response. Buccal route is the easy and cheap method to prepare for oral delivery of drug. The buccal mucosa is one of the administration site that might provide an alternative for per oral administration. This route provides the direct accesses to the systemic circulation through the jugular vein bypass the first pass metabolism which leads high bioavailability. The drug having low bioavailability, shorter half life and those who undergoes extensive first pass metabolism are good candidate for this route. This is painless and without discomfort, precise dosage form and facilitates ease of removal without significant associated pain. In this article various things are discussed about the buccal route of the drug delivery like about the various formulations of buccal route are Films, Tablets, Patches, Powders, Ointments & Gels and also discussed about the factors related to these formulation. In this article we also discussed about the theory of the mucoadhesion like Wetting theory, Absorption theory, Electronic theory & Fracture theory of the mucoadhesion.

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Please cite this article in press Paras Saini et al, A Review on the Buccal Drug Delivery System: A Novel Approach of Drug Delivery., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2022; 09(6).,

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