Volume : 09, Issue : 06, June – 2022



Authors :

Jasvinder Saini, Sandeep Kumar, Paras Saini, Manish Panchal, Gopal Thakur, Priyakshi Rana

Abstract :

Chewable tablets are the solid dosage forms which are crushed and Before being ingested, it is chewed between the teeth. chewable tablets are prescribed to them who are not willing to swallow whole tablet or unable to swallow the whole tablet. These pills are formulated to dissolve very easily in oral cavity. Chewable pills have a smooth texture regardless of whether they are chewed or not. dissolution, have a good flavour, and do not leave a harsh or disagreeable aftertaste. Patients in the geriatric and paediatric age groups and patients on the go who may not have simple access to water are in desperate need of an easy-to-swallow dosage Chewable pills are one example. To fulfil the basic needs for the the chewable tablet flavouring agent is added.there are some factors which are involved in the formulation of chewable tablet these are as follows. Flow, lubrication, disintegration, organoleptic qualities, compressibility, compatibility, and stability. A formulator can be apply one or more than one method to get the best result for the formulation with good taste , smooth texture, acceptable compressibility and stability.

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