Volume : 09, Issue : 06, June – 2022



Authors :

Shaik Ejas*,Y. Rajendra, Khaja Zeeyauddin

Abstract :

The objective of the current work is to develop a simple, efficient, economical and compatible RP-HPLC method for the analysis of Decidabine and cidazuridine in bulk, dosage forms. Samples were separated on Phenomenex luna C18, 150 mm X 4.6 mm, 5m column with mobile phase composed of Methanol: Buffer (pH 3.75 with Potassium dihydrogen ortho Phosphate in isocratic mode. The detection wavelength was fixed at 225nm. The retention time of Decidabine and cidazuridine was 4.1 min and the method showed a good linearity in the concentration range of 25-150µg/mL with a correlation coefficient of 0.999. The method was validated for specificity, linearity, limit of detection, limit of quantification, precision, robustness and stability. All the validation parameters were within the compendia requirements. The proposed method was successfully adopted for the analysis in bulk, pharmaceutical dosage forms.
Keywords: Decidabine and cidazuridine , Phenomenex luna Column, PDA Detection, RP HPLC

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Please cite this article in press Shaik Ejas et al, A Novel Method Development and Validation Of Decitabine And Cedazuridine Using RP-HPLC Method., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2022; 09(6).,

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