Volume : 09, Issue : 06, June – 2022



Authors :

Divya Raj*, Neema Ann Raju, Remya Gayatri S, Marius Selestine, Nowreen Babu, Narayanan B G

Abstract :

Aim: The main aim of the study was to access rise and impact of covid-19 and to determine the prevalence and risk factors associated with development of the post-COVID-19 syndrome.
Method: Study comprised of a questionnaire survey and interview through phone calls of the people who have been affected with covid 19 and we mainly focused on post covid syndromes who has taken treatment and quantifying the rate of hospital readmission. The questionnaire mainly pointed on details about vaccination, covid-19 attack and post covid syndrome.
Result: The major results obtained from the study was the frequency, prevalence, manifestation, and risk factors associated with development of the post-COVID-19 syndrome. Most of patient undergone treatment for the post covid infection. Most of the patients were vaccinated before the covid attack and this helped them to survive the severity of covid 19 infection and post-covid syndrome. Frequently reported post covid diseases are respiratory disorders followed by insomnia, anxiety and depression and digestive disorders.
Conclusion: The study aimed to get information about the existing post covid diseases which gives idea about the severity of disease, their mental wellbeing and health conditions after being affected with covid 19. Proper patient counselling can make significant difference and should be educated with rational use of medications to prevent from getting diseases.
Keywords: COVID-19, Post covid Syndrome, Prevalence, Treatment, Rational use Medications.

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Please cite this article in press Divya Raj et al, Ph. no: 09497406896 A Cross-Sectional Assessment On Sars Covid 2: Covid-19 And Post Covid., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2022; 09(6).,

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