Volume : 09, Issue : 10, October – 2022



Authors :

Abarna. S, Anu Prasad. N, Gopi Krishnan. S

Abstract :

Pregnancy is the period of fetal development woman’s womb or uterus when the body faces physiological and metabolic changes. Anemia remains major problem during pregnancy. About 4 hormones progesterone, estrogen, hGC, prolactin involve in pregnancy changing their concentrations during 3 trimesters. Dietary habits plays a vital role in maintaining healthy pregnancy and balancing the amount of hormones required. It is a well- understood scientific concept that the nutritional status of the pregnant woman affects the outcome of the pregnancy, especially related to birth weight. Low birth weight is associated with an increased risk for infant deaths and developmental disabilities and seen more often in children from under nourished and underweight mothers.
Key words: Pregnancy, Trimester, Nutrition

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