Volume : 09, Issue : 09, September – 2022



Authors :

Ravikant Dwivedi*, Dr. Sandesh Asati, Dr. Shailendra Lariya

Abstract :

Different formulations of floating gastroretentive tablets were prepared by using Xanthan gum, Gellan gum, Chitosan and Carbopol 940 P, Sodium bicarbonate, Citric acid and evaluated for pre compression and post compression parameters. The average weight of each formulation was recorded. The obtained data were almost uniform. The values of tablets average weight ranging from 245±5 to 258±1 mg. All the tablets passed weight variation test as the % weight variation was within the USP Pharmacopoeia’s limits of ±5% of the weight. The % drug content of all the formulated tablets were found within the limit. % drug content value of Rosiglitazone was within 98.12±0.45% to 99.45±0.32%.The results within the range indicate uniform of mixing. When the regression coefficient values of were compared, it was observed that ‘r2’ values of Peppas was maximum i.e. 0.956 hence indicating drug release from formulations was found to follow Peppas release kinetics.
Key words: Rosiglitazone, floating gastroretentive tablets, Sustain release, Natural polymers

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Please cite this article in Ravikant Dwivedi et al,Formulation, Development And Evaluation Of Sustain Release Gastroretentive Tablets Using Novel Natural Polymer., Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2022; 09(9).

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