Volume : 10, Issue : 01, January – 2023



Authors :

Pranay V. Sharma*, Vikrant P. Wankhade, Nirbhay A. Suryawanshi, Ayushi H. Mishra

Abstract :

Research sciences and medical societies have recently shifted into using cost-effective biosensors to test food & water contaminants, control human biologic processes, assess precise health diagnosis, and more. Researchers and medical practitioners need safe and cheaper means of performing their research, ensuring public safety, and delivering customized health options to patients. One such solution can be easily carried out by using biosensors. In the new medical field, biomedical studies of diagnosis are of growing significance. Biosensors’ applications are for screening infectious to early detection, chronic disease treatment, health management, and well-being surveillance. Improved biosensors technology qualities allow the ability to detect disease and track the body’s response to care. Sensor technology is integral to numerous, low-cost, and improved-form factors feasible in modern medical devices. Biosensors have good potential, as it is easy, scalable and effective in manufacturing processes. This paper discusses biosensors and their significant benefits in the medical field. Distinctive capabilities of biosensors in healthcare services and for cardiovascular disease are provided and shown diagrammatically. The paper also discusses various diagnostic biosensors for cardiovascular diseases and provides novel aspects of biosensors for clinical and allied services. Thereby paper provides significant advancements in bio-sensors in the medical field. Finally, fourteen major applications of biosensors in the medical field are identified and discussed. Biosensors intelligent wearable properties now allow older people to control their health with lesser interference, and it directly exchanges their medical-related information with healthcare providers, thereby reducing hospital visits. Thus, biosensors have countless prospects for consumer and commercial uses in wellness, fitness, athletics, etc. Linked biomedical devices, apps, firmware, and sophisticated algorithms will do a lot, including allowing major new medical therapies and informing users about health reform, providing solutions and advice informed by real-time evidence[3].
Key Words: Biosensors, Transducer, Biosensor Application, Health Care

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Please cite this article in press Pranay V. Sharma et al A Review On Biosensors: Principle, Working, Type And Application In Medicine.,Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2023; 10(01).

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