Volume : 10, Issue : 01, January – 2023



Authors :

Shashibhushan Ram, Dr. Vivekanand Katare*, Ms. Nisha Kalme, Dr. Prabhat Kumar Jain

Abstract :

The use of plants for healing purposes predates recorded history and forms the origin of much of modern medicine. Gardenia latifolia (Rubiaceae) is commonly known as Indian boxwood or Ceylon boxwood, is a densely foliaceous small tree that occurs throughout the greater parts of Indian common in deciduous forests along the streams. Many beneficial medicinal products are used to treat various serious diseases and disorders like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases without side effects. Hence this study focused to investigate the phytochemical analysis, and identification of flavonoid compound using thin layer chromatographic technique. The plant was collected and subjected to the extraction process by Maceration method. Hydroalcoholic solvent was used for the extraction process. The results showed that the yield of extracts obtained from sample using hydroalcoholic as solvents was found to be 8.52 %. The phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of proteins, diterpins and saponins. Thin layer Chromatography was performed The Rf value of quercetin was found 0.86 indicates the presence of flavonoids in hydroalcoholic extract of Gardenia latifolia. Thus, it can be concluded that the plant consist of flavonoid component which can be used to treat various diseases and disorders.
Key Words: Herbal Medicine, Gardenia latifolia , Flavonoid, Thin Layer Chromatography

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