Volume : 10, Issue : 11, November – 2023



Authors :

Theyab Hadi Alyami, Dafer Manea Hadi Alyami, Saeed Ali Hussin al alhareth, Nasser Abdullah Saleh Alhareth, Dafer Naji Alhareth, Saleh Dhafer Al Harith, Awad Hussein Mahdi Alyami

Abstract :

Introduction: Nursing documentation is very important for nurses. A healthcare service delivery system was evaluated using a standard way of recording information. Therefore, it is very important for nurses and other healthcare professionals to document their work accurately and effectively. This helps protect themselves legally, ensures good patient care, and improves communication between healthcare providers. However, there is not enough research available on this topic. This study wanted to find out what nurses in emergency departments of government hospitals in the Najran region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, know and think about nursing documentation.
Results: Most of participants had good knowledge about nursing documentation. Regarding relation between overall knowledge and personal data we found that there was significant relations between age , gender , marital status , educational level and work experience p value <0.001.There was significant relations between age , gender , marital status , educational level and work experience p value <0.001
Conclusion: In this research, there has been an improvement in the way nurses write down and record information compared to earlier studies. The researchers suggest that it would be helpful for nurses to be more aware of, have a positive attitude towards, be familiar with, and allocate enough time for nursing documentation practice. Furthermore, it is recommended to observe and compare how nursing documentation is done in order to conduct future studies.
Keywords: nurse , documentations, knowledge, attitude

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Please cite this article in press Nasser Abdullah Saleh Alhareth et al, Assessment Of Nurses’ Knowledge And Attitudes Toward Nursing Documentation In The Emergency Department Of Government Hospitals In The Najran Region – Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Indo Am. J. P. Sci, 2023; 10 (11).

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